The Story of Joseph Adetula

Joseph Adetula was killed on July 4, 2005, while he was walking home from a convenience store. It was a senseless crime, and the murderers left no real information: all witnesses could tell the police and Joseph's father Dayo was that the shooters were in a four-door gold or tan vehicle.

It was a stupid crime. Joseph Adetula died that day with nine bullets in him.

But Joseph Adetula was not the only victim. Dayo was a victim. Joseph's friends and family will suffer by never seeing him or laughing with him again. And all the good things Joseph could have done are now gone forever.

And the young men who shot Joseph will never rest again. No matter why they shot him, or whether they are caught, they will always know that they killed an innocent man.

Whether shooters or victims, all our young people are victimized by these crimes. Both sides suffer, either a quick death of the body or a slow death of the soul. Dayo Adetula wants to treat the souls and hearts and minds of our young people, and ensure that these terrible, terrible things stop happening.

Our children are doing these things because they think that is all they have. Sometimes their home lives are so bad they think there is nothing good to look forward to. Other times, drugs and violence seem like the only way to get the good things in life that they desperately want.

The Joseph Adetula Foundation is here to teach them otherwise.