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Joseph Adetula: A Life Not Lived

What would you do if your son, just starting his adult life, was gunned down senselessly on the street? This happened to Dayo Adetula when his son Joseph Adetula was gunned down on the night of July 4, 2005, while walking home from a convenience store. The only information: witnesses say the shots came from a four-door gold or tan vehicle that sped off. Joseph was shot nine times. Dayo was at Joseph's side when the ambulance came. Tragically, Joseph died at the hospital only a short time later. The murder is still unsolved, despite heavy media coverage, police efforts, and Dayo Adetula's own attempts to find out who killed his son. Many people, in this situation, might be bitter, or hopeless. Not Dayo Adetula. Adetula has started a non-profit foundation in his son's name to educate young black men about the effects of violence.


Through the Joseph Adetula Foundation, Dayo Adetula will:

  • Help develop safer neighbourhoods through neighbour involvement in the community;
  • Raise money for after school programs; pay for new playground equipment, computers, field trips, and sports equipment in local schools; and
  • Help young people become informed about school and college internships and leadership development and community services opportunities.

Young people attending the after school program will participate in substance abuse mentoring for younger children as well as pregnancy prevention, violence prevention, and other youth issues. The Joseph Adetula Foundation cannot do it alone. We need community involvement, adults to act as volunteers and leaders for the young people, and donations to continue paying for the many services we will provide. With your help, we will have no more tragedies. Help our young people grow up and develop into the fine adults they are destined to be. Support the Joseph Adetula Foundation.